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aberystwyth, absentmindedness, accents, acting, artemis fowl, auburn university, blinking, books, candy, celtic stuff, coka-cola, colors, comedy, cookies, criminology, cures for hiccups, diana wynn jones, diane duane, doctor who, doctor who fanfiction, drawing, eating, elle bishop, england, english, eoin colfer, eowyn, fantasy, forgetfulness, free time, guinevere, heroes, hitmen, humor, icons, ireland, irish, jane austen, joan hess, kidnapping, king arthur, kraft macaroni and cheese, learning, leaving the window open, literature, lord of the rings, monty python, music, mythology, nature, neil gaiman, patricia c. wrede, phobia of law enforcement, photography, piano, pictures, pirates of the caribbean, poetry, powerpuff girls, pride and prejudice, procrastination, psychology, ranch wheat thins, reading, religion, rping, school, sleeping, susan cooper, t.s. eliot, tamora pierce, the dark is rising, the princess diaries, university of wales, wales, welsh, witticisms, wordsworth, writing

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heroes; supernatural; foyle's war; nero wolfe
leverage; psych; doctor who; midsomer murders; monty python
the office; 30 rock; community; castle; covert affairs
lord of the rings; star trek; thin man; hot fuzz
amelie; a very long engagement; emperor's new groove
rilo kiley; andrew bird, beatles; cloud cult
band from tv; mother mother; killers; bird and the bee
vermillion lies; ella fitzgerald; stars; save ferris
language; music; anything anglo; jane austen
writing; photography; theatre

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